Discover your flavour preferences and identify your favourite coffee in this tasting session. Available as an in-person or virtual experience, learn how to set up a cupping, the professional brewing technique used to evaluate coffee, and taste five freshly roasted seasonal coffees. Following the farm-to-cup journey, you’ll explore origins, processing methods and roast levels to learn more about flavour and identify the perfect cup for you.  

Using easy-access interactive tools, we’ll have a quiz and create live word clouds with our flavour descriptors. A sure conversation starter, you’ll get everyone involved while offering a fun way to learn about taste and flavour, no matter your experience!


People taking part in a team coffee cupping.


Are you looking to bring people together, build connections and new ideas with a hands-on team-building experience away from your office?

For the full sensory coffee experience, you and your team can join us in our dedicated event space at our East London roastery.

Two people take part and ask questions during a coffee cupping.


Are you planning an in-office event for your team or a day for your clients at an external venue?

For your hands-on coffee-tasting experience, our experienced hosts travel to your location of choice within Greater London. 

Not based in London? We’re here to help! Please let us know about your event plan further afield as well.


Pouring a bag of ground coffee into a cup during a coffee tasting


Are you part of a worldwide team looking for a fun, interactive way to spend time together?

With our event kits shipping worldwide, our virtual coffee experiences are perfect for sparking connections and community to bring teams closer together.

The contents of a Square Mile coffee tasting kit including a cupping book, coffee bags, cupping spoon, pencil and scale.


A Coffee Tasting Set of 5 coffees with different flavour profiles, ground and enough for a second brew

A Square Mile cupping spoon

A digital gram scale

Our Cupping Book with a guide to describing taste and flavour

Each participant also needs a kettle, an extra spoon and six cups, mugs or glasses; large enough to hold 250ml

The contents of the Square Mile Virtual Tasting kit add ons including filter papers, plastic V60, coffee grinder and scale.


Hario Mini Mill+ Hand Grinder - slender and compact, this is the perfect grinder for those who grind per cup at home.

Hario Drip Scale - upgrade your digital gram scale to the perfect partner for brewing delicious coffee at home.

Hario V60 Simply Glass Brewing Kit - upgrade your V60 kit with this stylish and practical addition to any kitchen.


In-person Tasting Events are priced based on the number of attendees and event location and start at £300 excl. VAT for up to 10 attendees.

Virtual Tasting Events are charged at £125 excl. VAT per session for up to 499 participants.
Tasting Kits start at £25 excl. VAT per kit and decrease with order numbers.

We’re here to help you plan your coffee experience! Get in touch below to start planning!