With Autumn on the horizon, the time has come to start planning end-of-year corporate events and office parties! Excited to be hosting both in-person and virtual events this year - if you would like to offer your colleagues or friends something fun to look forward to in the Winter, look no further than Square Mile Events.


Bring your team on a sensory journey. Follow coffee from seed to cup and explore the aroma and taste of coffee and chocolate to see how one can change or enhance the flavour of the other.

Pairing for the occasion, enjoy a comparative tasting of four delicious craft chocolates and four freshly roasted seasonal coffees.

Three people drinking and enjoying coffee and chocolates


Already planning a Tasting event? Upgrade your In-Person or Virtual Coffee Tasting with the addition of a craft chocolate pairing!

Enjoy this fun, festive tasting at our East London roastery or at a venue of your choice. If you're an international team, our Coffee & Chocolate kits ship worldwide.

Square Mile Coffee and Chocolate event kit


Your Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Kits contain:

A Coffee Tasting Set of 4 coffees with different flavour profiles, ground and enough for a second brew

A Chocolate Tasting Set of 4 craft chocolate mini bars

A Square Mile cupping spoon

A digital gram scale

Our Cupping Book with a guide to describing taste and flavour

Each participant also needs a kettle, an extra spoon and four cups, mugs or glasses; large enough to hold 250ml.


In this event, you get to learn more about what goes into creating a blend and develop your sensory skills through professional tasting techniques. You’ll also learn how to brew coffee using the versatile Aeropress. Hosted at our East London roastery, this hands-on team experience offers great fun and insight into speciality coffee.

Using an Aeropress to brew filter coffee into a Square Mile Coffee mug


You’ll taste three coffees across different origins and processes, learning how blends are made and gain insight into how we can combine coffees, so the result is greater than the sum of their parts. 

Split into smaller blending teams, you’ll work on your recipes and use the versatile Aeropress to make your sample brews for taste. Once each group has named, finalised and perfected their blend, we’ll run a brewing competition with the winning blend to be crowned team favourite!

You’ll leave with a 350g bag of your team blend for everyone to enjoy back at the office. 


In-person Events are priced based on the number of attendees and event location. The Coffee & Chocolate Tastings start at £425 and the Make Your Own Blend starts at £550 excl. VAT.

Virtual Tasting Events are charged at £175 excl. VAT per session for up to 499 participants.
Tasting Kits start at £31 excl. VAT per kit and decrease with order numbers.

We’re here to help you plan your coffee experience! Get in touch below to start planning!